Stone Masons Insurance

Stone masons, preservation contractors and heritage building contractors face a number of different risks, such as but not limited to, vibration, noise, falling from heights and inhalation of silica dust and fine particles which can result in lung disorders such as Silicosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and lung cancer. As a consequence many insurers are reluctant to provide cover for this specialist trade and this restricted market place generally means that premiums are higher than for other “lower risk” construction trades.

As specialist insurance brokers to the construction sector, Construction Risks UK understand these risks, and with our long established relationships with leading construction insurers, we are often able to arrange more competitive insurance cover to stone masons, preservation contractors and heritage building contractors than brokers who do not specialise in this sector.

Did You Know?

By insuring through a Chartered Firm you will always have access to expert advice from a qualified Chartered Insurance Broker.

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